BMW X4 Pickup: A Visionary Projection for 2024

Prepare to be enchanted by the BMW X4 Pickup, a virtual projection that combines the sportiness and elegance of an SUV with the practicality and robustness of a pickup truck.

The front of the X4 Pickup boasts BMW's iconic double grille, tapered LED headlights and a muscular bumper, conveying grandeur and dynamism.

The fluid lines and athletic silhouette of the X4 SUV are preserved, with the addition of a sleek cargo bed integrated into the overall design.

The large alloy wheels and pronounced fenders reinforce the pickup's robust personality.

The horizontal LED lights and the integrated bumper with diffuser create a modern and sophisticated rear end.

The bucket has a lid with double opening, facilitating access and loading of objects.

To propel this beast off the road, we imagined a powerful and efficient engine, such as a 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder, capable of generating more than 350 horsepower and abundant torque.

High-quality leather-trimmed seats offer exceptional comfort and support

While the digital instrument panel and state-of-the-art multimedia center ensure an intuitive and connected driving experience.

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