Chevrolet Onix 2024 Pickup: Your Personalized Journey

The exciting 2024 Chevrolet Onix Pickup is not just a vehicle; is a work of art customized by the team of visionary designers at the AutoiA website.

Inspired by the elegance of Onix in gray, this new version has been meticulously reimagined for the year 2024

The side of the pickup reveals a dynamic profile, with smooth curves that highlight its presence on the streets.

The doors now have a cleaner design, and the alloy wheels add a touch of sportiness and sophistication to the whole.

When you enter the cabin of the Chevrolet Onix 2024 Pickup, you are welcomed by an interior that combines sophistication with comfort.

Premium materials and ergonomic design provide an immersive driving experience

while modern technology features keep you connected to the world around you.

At the rear, the design team focused on creating a unique and memorable look.

The stylized taillights and trunk design highlight the robustness and versatility of the Onix 2024 Pickup.

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