Ford F1000 Electric is About to Dominate the Roads!

You find yourself in front of Ford F1000 Electric, a futuristic and electrifying vision of the classic pickup truck that marked an era.

The front of the F1000 Elétrica preserves the series' characteristic grandeur, with a modern touch.

The LED headlights stand out, giving a penetrating and futuristic look.

The side profile of the F1000 Electric It is marked by fluid and elegant lines, with a black and silver paintwork that evokes sophistication and modernity.

A subtle red stripe runs the entire length of the body, adding a touch of sportiness.

Upon entering the cabin F1000 Electric, you will be welcomed by a modern and luxurious environment.

The high-quality materials and refined finish stand out, providing a welcoming environment for driver and passengers.

The instrument panel has been completely redesigned, integrating a set of state-of-the-art digital screens that provide detailed information

To maintain the essence of the iconic F1000, the rear features distinctive design elements that evoke nostalgia for the classic version.

The prominent Ford logo, body contours and chrome details pay homage to the truck's legacy

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