Nova Orbital 2025: The Wheel of the Future Reinvented

A New Volkswagen Orbital 2025 Concept Wheel is bold vision of future of the automotive industry.

Inspired by rich history from the Orbital Wheel from Volkswagen in Brazil, the Orbital 2025 is a concept

what honors the legacy of the brand, at the same time as drives innovation.

Created by the team of designers at Master Garage, Orbital 2025 presents a stunning design, with fluid and aerodynamic lines that evoke movement.

You five cutouts, inspired by the orbits of the planets, not only add a aesthetic touch

but also reduce weight of the wheel, improving the performance and the efficiency.

The wheel incorporates cutting-edge technologies, as sensors who monitor the tire pressure, temperature It is grip

in addition to a system of led lightning customizable.

Built with aerospace aluminum alloy, Orbital 2025 is available at different sizes It is finishes