New Honda Biz 2025: The Future of Scooters in the City

The New Honda Biz 2025 Concept represents the evolution of one of the most iconic scooters in Brazil.

With a history of success since the 90s, Honda Biz has won over the Brazilian public with its reliability, fuel economy and practical design.

Over the decades, Biz has undergone several updates and improvements, always remaining a popular option in the market.

The New Honda Biz 2025 concept features a futuristic and innovative design, with black finishes and impressive details.

Fully digital, the instrument panel offers an intuitive and easy-to-read interface, while LED lighting guarantees visibility in any condition.

Rider and passenger comfort has also been considered, with an ergonomic seat and suspension tuned for a smooth ride.

In terms of imaginary technical specifications, the New Honda Biz 2025 Concept has a 125cc engine, electronic injection technology

4-speed semi-automatic transmission and an impressive performance of 12 hp.

Disc brakes on both wheels with ABS system guarantee safety, while alloy wheels and specific tires offer grip and durability.