Type R Grill Supreme: Barbecue Grills Inspired by the Honda Civic

The world of barbecue has always been a unique manifestation of food culture and social interaction. From small family gatherings to large community events

Barbecue has a special place in the hearts and stomachs of many people around the world.

But what if this experience gained an automotive touch? Introducing the “Type R Grill Supreme,” grills inspired by the iconic Honda Civic Type R.

The idea came from the creative minds of the team of designers at the AutoiA website, passionate about cars and barbecues.

When contemplating the bold and sporty aesthetics of the black Honda Civic Type R, the team visualized the perfect fusion between automotive elegance and barbecue heat.

Thus, the conception of the Type R Grill Supreme was born, an exclusive line of barbecue grills that incorporates distinctive elements of the popular automotive model.

The Type R Grill Supreme grills feature a distinctive design that mimics the striking style of the Honda Civic Type R.

From the aggressive front grille to the aerodynamic lines, every detail has been meticulously reproduced to provide a unique experience for barbecue enthusiasts.

The grills' glossy black bodywork is complemented by red accents, inspired by the Type R's signature color.

Black steel wheels add a touch of sophistication, while built-in LED headlights illuminate the meat preparation area during barbecue nights.

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