Volkswagen Gol LS 1.6 (1982)

Volkswagen Gol LS 1.6 (1982)

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Features of the Volkswagen Gol LS 1.6

The Volkswagen Gol LS 1.6 was launched in 1982 and became one of the brand's most iconic models. With a classic and robust design, the Gol LS has won over a legion of fans over the years.

Exterior Design

The square and compact design of the Gol LS 1.6 harks back to its launch period, following the trend of cars from the 80s. With straight lines and simple details, the Gol LS stands out for its simplicity and functionality.


Equipped with a 1.6 engine, the Gol LS offers good performance on the streets and roads. With enough power for everyday use, the Gol LS guarantees a comfortable and safe drive for the driver and passengers.


The interior of the Gol LS 1.6 is marked by its practicality and comfort. With spacious seats and a good finish, the Gol LS provides a pleasant experience for those inside the vehicle. The simple and intuitive panel makes life easier for the driver, making driving even more enjoyable.


Despite being an older model, the Gol LS 1.6 has important safety features to ensure the protection of occupants. Efficient brakes, seat belts and a resistant structure make the Gol LS a reliable car in terms of safety.


The Volkswagen Gol LS 1.6 is a classic that has stood the test of time and continues to delight car lovers to this day. With a timeless design and satisfactory performance, the Gol LS stands out as a great option for those looking for a simple, economical and reliable car.

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